Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween with Illamasqua!

Hi Everyone,

The other weekend Illamasqua held a Beauty School Drop In Event especially for Halloween! I keep meaning to blog about these events and always forget, so finally I've got photos and I'm going to do it!

If you don't know already Illamasqua hold on the first Sunday of every month a Beauty School Drop In event at counters and stores excluding Selfridge's Oxford Street around the UK and now the USA, Plus each event is completely free!

So Specially for Halloween Illamsqua held a Halloween themed Drop In, I went a long to the Meadowhall counter and saw the look of Zerlindah with a bit of a twist!

Zerlindah is inspired by a witch and I love how Kyle at Illamasqua Meadowhall explained it, as a pretty witch as when most people think witch they think crooked noses and green faces, but in fact witches were all about powerful women so why cant they have pretty make up too! There's even still a bit of green in the look.

Kyle even pointed out that even though its a Halloween look its quite wearable, with a few tweaks you could easily re create the look for a night out not just for Halloween.

I tried to get a picture of all the products used so I'll do a bit of a list and hope I get them right!

Matte Primer, Skin Base Foundation and Cream Pigment in Mould (Contour), Skin Base Lift in White Light and Powder Foundation in 115.

Bedaub Cream Pigment, Masquara, Precision Gel Liner, Powder Eye Shadows in Sex, Flame, Fledging, Wolf, Obsidian and Jules and Liquid Metal in Phenomena.

Eyebrow Cake in Vehement and Brow and Lash Gel.

Lipstick in Shard, Intense Lip Gloss in Boost and Eye Colouring Pencil in Honour.

Also if you have a look here at the Illamasqua website you can check out their two new products especially for Halloween, The Bat Lash False Eye Lashes and Nail Polish in Swarm, also on that page is four exclusive Illamasqua face charts of Zerlindah, Ruby Snow, Madame Prudance and Lady Raven.

Then to go with those face charts for the week of Halloween you can book in at a counter to have one of those face charts put on you, or if you need help with your Halloween make up or not sure what to do? You can book in and have Illlamasqua do it for you! I'm quite tempted, No one could do Halloween better than Illamasqua! The service is £50 though but its fully redeemable on any products!

I'm debating on doing a Halloween get ready with me post but I'm not sure yet so if you'd like to see it let me know!

Eloise x


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