Saturday, 12 October 2013

I ❤ Fall Tag!

Hi Everyone,

I was tagged by the lovely Taylor over at Taylor's Collectionn to do the I ❤ Fall Tag and as you may of noticed before I've done the I ❤ Spring and the I ❤ Summer Tag, So I jumped at the chance as I love a good Tag! 

1) Favourite fall lip colour?

This is Difficult anyone who knows me knows I have a never ending Lip Product Collection but at the moment I've been loving the Kate Moss Matte Rimmel Lipstick in 107 or as a trusty favourite it would have to be the NYX Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo!  

2) Favourite fall nail colour?

Again I'm a nail polish addict, I love a glitter polish in the Fall/ Autumn for us Brits, But I love the deep dark burgundies too. An old favourite would be Barry M Raspberry but a new favourite will have to be Barry M Her Majesty. 

3) Favourite Starbucks fall drink?

Ok firstly where I live we don't have a Starbucks, Secondly I don't drink Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate so for me my favourite Coffee Shop Drink for Fall would be the Costa Red Berry Fruit Cooler, Yes I do freeze after drinking one too at this time of year. 

4) Favourite fall candle?

I don't specifically have a Fall Candle scent, I don't really like spicy scents I much prefer more fresh and floral scents so I'm still on the hunt to find a Fall Scent I think. 

5) Favourite fall sweater/accessory?

A great big huge very warm Jumper! I've got one from Primark which I've had for going on three years now and I love it, Its falling to bits but I love it!  

6) Haunted house, hay ride, or corn maze?

In the UK we don't have hay rides or corn mazes that I know of, Maybe the odd haunted house so I guess I'd say Haunted House. 

7) Favourite Halloween movie?

I'm not too sure I have a Halloween Movie, I'm going to have to go for the Twilight Saga, So that's cheating a bit as it isn't "A" Movie or specifically a Halloween one either but Edward...  

8) Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?

This has to be Chocolate, not even just for Halloween, All year round too! Either that or Haribo's! 

9) What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I haven't really decided, I like more of the glamorous side of Halloween if there even is one, Maybe I'll get some inspiration for something more gory while I'm completing my College Course but at the moment I've just been thinking about Sugar Skull designs. 

10) What is your favourite thing about fall?

Jumpers! Dark Lipstick! Dark eye make up! Plus the fact its nearly Christmas! 

Thanks to Taylor for tagging me and please go check out her blog Taylor's Collectionn too!

Now I Tag you if you read this and want to give it a go but I also tag...

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Eloise x



  1. Love this post!! Thanks for the tag!! Looking forward to doing this post!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X

    1. Thanks! I also look forward to reading it too!

      Eloise x

  2. Nice tag!! I've recently did a similar one over on my blog.

    I'm a new follower on your blog.

    Kimberley x

    1. I'll definitely nip over and have a look! I have such a thing for tags!

      Thanks so much for the follow too :)

      Eloise x


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