Saturday, 12 October 2013

Just a Little Update!

Hi Everyone,

I felt like I should do a bit of an update post, as I have so many Ideas for up coming posts but I really want to hear what you would like to see as I want to write posts you want to see! I thought I'd also try to explain why over the past few months there's been quite a few big gaps in uploading too! Also just to let you get to know me as I haven't really done anything like that for a while.

So firstly I've started back at college, I'm currently studying NVQ Level 3 Theatrical and Special Effect Hair and Media Make Up (Try writing that one on your application form!) Its longer hours than the course I studied last year and a lot more work, which has meant blogging has sadly had to be side tracked.

I'm also going to Professional Beauty North on Monday, So I'm hoping to get a blog post done for then, I'm actually going as a model for the Warpaint Contest, So I'll try to get some good content that you actually want to read hopefully.

Now onto what I'm trying to plan for future blog posts... I'm really hoping to do a little Christmas series on Christmas Releases, Christmas Gift Guides and just over all Christmas madness as I love Christmas which you are very soon going to find out! Just to pre warn you..

As well as the Christmas series I'm hoping to get a bit of a foundation review series started, I think I've mentioned this in other blog posts but I haven't yet got round to it. Hopefully it will be helpful I know I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect foundation and believe me I've bought a lot of them, some amazing and some just get the reaction of "Why on earth did I ever buy that?!".

Lastly I'd love it if you left me your ideas as sometimes I do just get completely stuck with what to write, but if there's something you want to see or know a bit more about, Id just love to hear them. So I'm open to suggestions and I'll really try to do them for you too.

Eloise x

P.s. Before I forget its coming up to my blogging Birthday and I'm Hoping to do a little give away, so stay tuned for that coming up soon too!


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