Wednesday, 9 October 2013

September Favourites

Hi there everyone,

Sorry this post is up so late! College is 10x more hectic than last year plus because of the longer hours there's never time to photograph when there's actually light! But I'm going to pre write lots of posts so hopefully there wont be super long breaks in between each one! 

This months favourites are actually sort of half and half, although I do love a good high end product. I've actually been loving a few high street products too last month! I'm not too sure if MAC is middle of the range or high end, seeing as their products seem to be upping in price (Bad MAC!). 

Firstly I've been loving Barry M Her Majesty from the Royal Glitter Collection, I've done a post on this - Here, but I have seriously worn this for like half of September. I have to admit its a nightmare to remove but I love it too much to let it go for that reason. 

Next up is the E.L.F Kabuki Brush, This is so handy, so cheap and so soft. Having to take my make up off all the time at college has meant I've got to put it back on, so instead of lugging around tons of brushes to save space I've been using this little mini brush and it's brilliant! It picks enough product up and doesn't apply it so its cakey. Plus it fits brilliantly in my little make up bag. 

September was the month I went back to my neutral rose gold faze with make up, I actually thought id lost this MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam V, but found it again last month, prompting a obsession with it all over again! Its quite a pink toned my lips but better shade with a golden shimmer running through it. It's part of the Lustre line which gives it a sort of wet and glossy look to the lips. Plus because its a Viva Glam Lipstick the money from it goes to Charity!

MAC Cork Shadow is the first ever MAC Eyeshdow I bought and I've used it quite a bit, I've loved this with  a rose gold or pink toned shadow, by wearing this in the crease. Its a warm toned brown shadow so its great for contouring the crease with.

I've started to wear eye liner in my waterline, but black is just a bit too harsh for me at the moment so I've loved the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liner in Bronze, It goes with most eye looks and does seem to last for quite a number of hours on the waterline. 

Lastly I've loved Rubenesque the MAC Paint Pot, A great very long lasting cream shadow when I wear it with a primer, It makes a great base for shadows, Id say I could wear it for around 8 hours with a primer before it starts to crease. I love the rose gold colour to it too, was a staple during my rose gold faze!

(Swatches - Left to Right: Bronze Scandal Eyes Liner, Cork Eye Shadow, Rubenesque Paint Pot, Viva Glam V Lipstick)

Once again I'm so sorry this has gone up so late and there's not really been any posts being uploaded, but hopefully now things will change! I think I'm going to be uploading every other day for a while too as I have so many posts to share with you!

Eloise x


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