Saturday, 19 October 2013

October GlossyBox!

Hi Everyone,

I must say this every time I do a GlossyBox post but again I really hadn't heard anything about this box, well except from a bit of a sneak peek into the Glossy Mag front cover which I love by the way! When I received the box it seemed a bit light which is usually a bit of a concern. I'd also like to apologise for how bad the photos are, its been awful to try to get the right lighting!

This months Mag includes interviews with Wendy Rowe from Burberry and others, then little insights into brands and things included in this months box as well as things that the Glossy Team have tried and tested and are loving! My only dislike to this magazine is that its bigger than the box, which results in it having to be stored else where.

I was surprised when I opened my box, even though it was quite light it actually had some really good products in there which I wasn't expecting and they weren't actually a bad size. Also this months theme is dark romance I wouldn't say that half of the products in this box fit that brief! 

1) Me Me Me Cherub's Blush Cheek and Lip Tint - £5.50 for 12ml
Me Me Me is never a brand I pick up and I've tried a few products of there's through Glossybox I think, I've heard a lot about this tint, being infamous for being a Benetint Dupe, I look forward to trying it out, I wish I could compare it with Benetint but I lost mine *sad face*.

2) Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance - £29.50 for 50ml
This I'd say meets the Dark Romance brief, however its not my kind of scent, even though its mainly a fruity and floral scent which I always like I think the woody and nutty tones to it puts me off, If you like more darker heavier scents then you should give this one a sniff.

3) Premae Multi - Vit Smoothie Serum - £22.50 for 50ml
Everything else in the box I either new the brand or had heard about, this product I know nothing about, I have to admit I'm lazy when it comes to serum so hopefully I might finally get into using this, plus its for combination skin but moisturising so hopefully it'll sort out my skin nightmare!

4) Monu Illuminating Primer £24.95 for 50ml
I love a good Monu product, I've tried so many from Glossybox before and I was very excited to see this in the box, I've tested it on the back of my hand and as far as I can tell its definitely Illuminating, plus it smells so good, Iv'e been looking for a new primer so this has come just in time. 

5) Broadway Nails imPress Press - On Manicure in 58261 - £7.99 - £8.99
This was the most exciting thing in the box for me, even more exciting when I realised they were Medium Length, when I compared them to the Small Length ones though they do seem quite the extra bit longer, I'm not sure if they should be called Long Length instead.  Also these ones just have a number and no name unlike the rest of the range. 

(Swatches: Left to Right - Cheek and Lip Tint Swatched, Then Blended, Impress Nails in Rock it, Impress Nails in 58261)

Box wise this month I don't think it was as well thought through, the only two products I'd say were Dark Romance Themed would be the Me Me Me Lip and Cheek Tint and the Katy Perry Perfume. I love that there's a Monu Product and imPress Nails though. I think it could of overall just been slightly better but at least its not awful. I've not seen any other boxes so I'm not sure what else you can get though. 

Eloise x



  1. It looks like you got some good stuff granted it could have been better but it also could have been worse (:

    1. That's exactly what I thought, I've had a look round and I much prefer the box I got compared to others, I can see why people are un subscribing though!

      Eloise x


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