Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Christmas Playlist

Hi Guys,

I can't really say I have much of a Christmas Playlist, So this is more of a mini Playlist of Christmas songs I've recently discovered and actually really quite like! 

My Christmas Playlist usually consists of the Michael Buble Album my mum has been listening to non stop. Which I mean I don't mind Mr Buble, but its nice to have a bit of a change after listening to him constantly.
Sam Smith is extremely popular in my house and as soon as we heard that he was doing a Christmas song, well basically Sam Smith can do no wrong. His version is amazing too, he's just got such a fantastic voice!
The famous Band Aid Single has had a revamp and I really like this, Harry Styles, Sam Smith, Bastille and Ed Sheeran making an appearance too, whats not to like. Plus its all for such a good cause.
Not really a song, but what can I say, I just love the Minions and I think this is so adorable!

Except from the classics too, I really love Fairy Tale of New York by the Pouges. This is my new mini playlist of the new Christmas releases that Im loving! Let me know what your favourites are too because as you can see my little collection is thin on the ground haha!

Eloise x

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  1. I've been loving Sam Smiths rendition of have yourself a merry little christmas!
    Merry Christmas,
    Dayna x


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