Sunday, 28 December 2014

What's in my New Year Makeup Bag?

Hi Guys,

As you're reading this Im currently away for New Year, but I couldn't not finish blogmas! I thought I'd share with you what I've chosen to put in my make up bag for my week away! I think I may of gone slightly overboard but this is after a lot of whittling down! Plus a little warning, this post is a bit Illamasqua mad, They're just my favourite brand.
I actually have added a few more bits too, I just like to have a big choice, which is usually a bit of a pain. I feel like I need my Zuca Trolley for my make up every time I go away haha, so Im quite pleased that Ive gotten it down to this many products. 
I bring my MAC Palette with me every time I go away anywhere, just because its the best option for me to have quite a wide selection of shades to pick from. Although I have brought my favourite Illamasqua shades in Vapour (Burnt orange) Can Can (Lilac Purple) and Inception (Violet Purple) for some brighter options.

I always wear a cream shadow under my eye shadow and my favourite one has to be the MAC Paint Pot in Soft ochre, its just very versatile. I also have a new found love for the Illamasqua Vintage Mettalix in Bibleot. I don't really wear any liner at the moment unless Im using the purple shades, so I've packed my Gel Liner from Illamasqua just incase. 
This is probably my go to base now, Illamasqua's Hydraveil and Skin Base come as a bit of a duo for me. I love Skin Base, but cant really wear it without Hydraveil as my skin is so dry it just doesn't work. Then what I even did before the Skin Base Lift Concealers by Illamasqua I dont know! I use two, Light 1 to Highlight and Light 2 to cover up any darkness under my eye Light 1 didn't cover. Because they're peach toned they cancel out the purple tones in my dark circles.

Finally to set I have my Nars Light Reflecting Loose powder, I find that If I set my make up with this powder it stays all day, it does crease a little under my eyes nearer to the end of the day. But seeing as that area usually creases way before that, this is actually really good. I do wish I'd bought the pressed version though as this can be a little messy to travel with. 
Lips and Cheeks!
I decided to have an orange, red and nude option for my lipsticks. As well as a lipgloss, I picked my new Laura Mercier Plumping Gloss in Rose Flush because it seems like quite a nice your lips but better shade. For my red option, my new winter lipstick favourite Russian Red by MAC.

My favourite lipstick to wear with my purple eye shadows has to be my orange option, Brink by Illamasqua. It's not as scary a combination as it sounds! Also my other favourite right now by Illamasqua is Rosepout, for my nude option, I like teaming it with the Maybelline Lip Liner in Soft Pink.

Ive also packed my Virtual Domination Nars Palette, It's just a lot easier to travel with rather than the usual two full size blushes, two highlighters and a sculpting kit combination, I try to cram into my make up bag. As long as I remember to be light handed with Laguna i'll hopefully be fine!
Brows and Little Extras!
I have found a new found glitter love! Lime Crime Glitter, I love Leo, for a really festive party eye. Set with the Illamasqua Sealing Gel this just does not move! I had it on, on Christmas Day from 10am to 11pm and I noticed no fall out at all!

For my brows, I have my trusty old Brow Cake in Thunder and to clean them up and attempt to give them the Illamasqua Brow look, I love to use Vow Pencil underneath and blend it out. It also hides any stray hairs if needed. 

I dont wear false lashes, until I found the Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter lashes and now all I want to do is wear them constantly. 

Eloise x

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  1. fantastic selection of products! i am very intrigued by the lime crime glitter, and you have a beautiful collection of eyeshadows!


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