Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

Hi Guys,

Now Im kinda cheating a little bit with todays Blogmas challenge, as todays post is suppose to be a Gift Guide for Guys, as I don't really have any guys to buy for Ive changed it to Stocking Stuffers. I hope you don't mind the little switch and get hopefully a bit of inspiration. 
Theres a few traditions that goes on with my stocking every year, having a clementine and pound coin in the bottom. But usually my stocking is quite varied, from stationary to beauty products and little trinkets!
Blott Pencil Tin- £3 HERE
I love this little pencil tin, Blott are fantastic for quirky little stationary pieces, from rubbers shaped as dolphins to great hardback notebooks. These are also great for kids to take to school or just adding a fun touch to a desk area! Once all the pencils are finished with too, you can store bobby pins inside!

From Christmas tree ornaments to little decorations for around the house, Its become a bit of a tradition to be included in my stocking and I think its a lovely idea. I love to get a christmas decoration especially, for me it marks the fact I can start thinking about planning my decorations for the next year!
Primark Slipper Socks - £4
Primark Slipper Socks are great at this time of year, they're very cosy and come in so many different patterns and designs, as well as Minions! Which Im a little bit obsessed with! To Disney and Koala Bears! Theres a design for everyone! Depending on the design they come in either one size or a range of sizes, These Minion ones are one size but they do fit a range of sized feet!
Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy - £5 HERE
Zoella's Beauty Range has been very popular this year and one of my favourites in the range has been her Body Lotion, Its very light and not sticky. Its quite a sweet floral scent, It's definitely aimed at a younger market, but I don't find it sickly sweet. Its a lovely one to fill up the stocking and Im sure one that would be very popular!

L'Occitane Hand Creams - £8 HERE
These lovely little hand creams are perfect to chuck in your handbag, they come in so many different scents and ranges. They also do Hand Cream Gels, which are a lot cooler and lighter. They soak into the skin leaving them very soft and velvety, plus the scent lasts extremely well on the skin. They're a great little extra to stash in a stocking!
House of Holland for Elegant Touch Nails - £7.99 to £8.99 HERE
Henry Holland has collaborated with Elegant Touch to release a range of collections, they've been extremely popular since they launched and are all styled on Stiletto nails. These have become quite the trend recently and Henry has definitely come up with some different designs, they're great if you have a nail art fanatic!

Burberry Lip Cover - £22.50 HERE
Its a very luxurious gift with its magnetic packaging, It comes in a range of shades and the lip covers are probably their most pigmented lipsticks. They're very moisturising on the lips and last very well before needing to be topped up. It's a bit of an expensive stocking filler! But who wouldn't love a little bit of Burberry in their stocking!

Eloise x

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  1. What great gift ideas. The pencil tin is my favourite!

    Anoushka xx


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