Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My 5 Christmas Traditions

Hi Guys,

I really racked my brain to think of Christmas traditions I do, It never really occurred to me what I do every year. Ive come up with four kind of traditions. I'd love to hear your traditions too!
1. The Christmas Tree always has to be up on the 1st of December. however the tree has so many decorations sometimes its still going on till the 3rd...

2. Micheal Buble's Christmas album is played quite a few times throughout the month.

3. The Dr Who Christmas special is always watched exactly on time.

4. A new Christmas decoration is always bought every year to add to the tree for the next year.

5. There is always a Clementine and a pound coin in every stocking!

A bit of a short post, but I really cant think of many traditions! I would really like to hear some of yours, then maybe I'd be able to remember mine haha. 

Eloise x

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