Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Resolutions

Hi Guys,

I'm not one to ever make new years resolutions, I cant actually remember the last time I did actually make one. I've come up with a few things this year though, so I'm going to give them a go and hopefully they'll last longer than January! 

1. Blog more during 2015 and hopefully stick to a proper schedule.

2. Start saving and not go mad in boots as often...

3. Try different posts on the blog, baking and hopefully a bit of fashion.

4. Learn to drive.

5. Become more organised with college, blogging and basically overall.

Hopefully I'll stick with these, although I'm not too sure the staying way from boots one is going to work too well haha. Hope you've all had a great 2014 and hopefully a great 2015 too, Happy New Year!

Eloise x



  1. I know many people don't "believe" in New Years Resolutions anymore, but it's still nice to see these posts because it means we're aiming for bigger and better things. (: Good luck with your resolutions, although saving money is extremely difficult. o; Lol. Driving is fun, you'll love it! Good luck in 2015!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

  2. Great set of goals, I definitely think learning to drive is on mine, God knows it's time already! Now following :)

  3. I am definitely going to learn how to drive this year, and I would also like to have a more consistent blogging schedule as well!

    Emily //

  4. these sound like some great resolutions! I'm trying to stop spending too, but I work at boots and its so hard when you see all the offers and get a staff discount too! Good luck with them all, I hope they go well lovely :)

    Tasha xo

  5. My resolutions are almost exactly the same as yours - be as organised as possible with college and write more posts! When are you starting driving?
    lily x

  6. People always tell me that resolutions are dumb. But I love doing them. I have almost the same resolutions. Except, I am not able to drive until I'm 17 (east coast of America rules, sadly :P). Having goals for your blog really helps getting views and comments. Just stick with your resolutions! BTW- I am a new follower of yours and I am looking forward to new posts :)


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