Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas Posts!

Hi Guys,

I haven't had much time to read many blog posts this month as I've been so busy, but theres been a few that have really caught my eye and need sharing! 
I also didn't realise how into DIY and Baking/Festive Food I was this year, so those types of posts have really caught my eye!
Driving Home for Christmas on Vivianna Does Makeup - HERE
I am going away on the 27th and I have been trying to decide which beauty products to take with me. I currently love so many products as Im trying out so many different looks, I just cant decide! So when I saw that Vivianna had a post on going home for Christmas, it was a great bit of inspiration on what to whittle my selection down by and what not to forget!
DIY Christmas Baubles on Nouvelle Daily - HERE
I have become a Christmas decoration fiend this year! I love them and just want to go crazy and buy tons! I hadn't thought of making any, but once I saw this post, I need glitter and glue now! These just make me so happy and I will definitely be making myself some, probably next year now sadly. I will be trying these out and they're so simple too, including the fact each one is unique, I just love them!
DIY Snow Globe on Mercuteify - HERE
These are just beautiful, I used to love making snow globes when I was younger and they looked nothing like this haha. I like to think of these as grown up Snow Globes that I want to make loads of and cover my house in... 
Home Made Costa Hot Chocolate! on Vavaviolet - HERE
I really don't like hot drinks, the only one I can really drink is Costa Hot Chocolate, the original or their festive White Hot Chocolate. Now I cant drink Costa's 24/7, so the idea of an at home Costa Hot Chocolate is music to my ears. I will definitely be making this and hopefully it'll solve my Costa Hot Chocolate Issues. 

Eloise x

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