Monday, 15 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas Film!

Hi Guys,

I was a little stumped when I was coming up with my favourite Christmas Films, now of course I have films that I watch practically every year and films that I really like. However I don't exactly have a list of die hard loves from Christmas Time. When unpacking the boxes from moving though, I found this little gem! Which Im a little biased about but I think its such a fantastic film that isn't very well known!
Eloise at Christmas Time is based on a best seller book by Kay Thompson. It's all about a six year old girl called Eloise who lives in the Penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in New York. She lives with her Nanny, Pug dog called Weenie and her pet turtle, Skiperdee. She's quite the mischief maker and I loved watching and reading about her adventures as I grew up. Eloise basically takes it upon herself in the film to become a bit of a spy and help her neighbour in the process. Of course she has to cause her usual havoc around the hotel at the same time too.

I dont really want to spoil the film for anyone but I thoroughly recommend watching it, Its not very well known and I wish it was because it is such a funny film and fantastic at Christmas time. Every time I watch it I just want my own Weenie and Skiperdee! It can be difficult to find on DVD but if you can't find it, the book is fantastic with amazing Illustrations swell. I hope that if you do get to see this film you love it as much as I have! 

Eloise x


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