Thursday, 18 December 2014

Illamasqua Aura Palette

Hi Guys,

I am Illamasqua Obsessed. So when they released their new collection Facets for Christmas with a whole lot of newness mixed with a whole lot of very popular and maybe even holy grail favourites. Well how could I not run to Illamasqua in excitement! 
Illamasqua has released the range with a Brush Set, very nice! Make up bag, which I have a little review on HERE, an Eye Trio which has rose gold lids!! As well as two new palettes! I have one of them here today, which is Aura, there is also Semblance too.

Illamasqua are more well known probably for their brighter shades rather than the more neutral ones, but as much as I love the bright ones, I love this palette. It is perfect to travel with, all you really need is a lipstick, foundation and mascara and you're practically sorted. 
The new palettes are fantastic for travelling as they include not only four Eye Shadows, a Brow Cake, Cream Pigment, Gleam Highlighter and a Powder Blusher. As well as a extremely cute double sided miniature brush! 

The Cream Pigment is in the shade Hollow, it is FANTASTIC! To contour with if you're pale, I really struggle with contour as a lot of contour products come out more orange toned on me. Hollow though is taupe with a very cool undertone and mimics the natural shadow. You can also use it all over the eyes as a base for your shadows too! 

Next to it is the Brow Cake in Thunder, I haven't used anything else for my brows for two years! It is a really universal shade and can be used on bleach blondes to dark brunettes, If you're building a pro kit, you need this in there! It's a waxy warm toned powder which not only fills in your brows but coats the hairs, you can get such a natural look from this to the signature Illamasqua brow. This is definitely a holy grail product! 

The four Eye shadows included are Vision (Gold toned shimmer white shade), Servant (Peach), Fient (Red toned brown) and Machine (Black with a slight glitter). Whats great about the Illamasqua Shadows are that they not only include a lot of matte shades, which are quite hard to come by, they're extremely pigmented. As are all of their products, they last a good while! The shadows are lovely to blend too, especially the more shimmer shades. 
Gleam in Aurora is slowly becoming my favourite Highlight, its a cream highlight and it is beautiful. Its not glittery or overly shimmery it just makes the skin look like it has a wonderful glow, its very natural and picks up the light leaving a subtle highlight. 

Tremble is a soft pink blush, which has a slight purple undertone. Its very natural and would work on most skin tones. Illamasqua Blushers are extremely pigmented and you only need a little bit, this will last you for ages!

The mini brush is seriously cute! With the angled brush on one end and what I want to say is a mini version of their Concealer Brush, is fantastic to have in a palette instead of those ridiculous sponge applicators. The angled side is my new go to for eyebrows and is amazing for getting extremely precise lines. 
(Swatches - Left to Right: Machine, Feint, Servant, Vision, Hollow, Thunder, Tremble and Aurora)

The palette is £45 and available HERE. If you have a darker skin tone, Semblance is great, you can have a peek at that one HERE. The only difference in the two is that there is four different shadow shades, Mirage Gleam and Hussy Blush instead.

Eloise x


  1. This is beautiful! I need it in my life. xxx

  2. I have this in my Christmas wish list but in the other shade. Such a gorgeous and practical palette with everything you need in there x

    Beauty with charm

  3. So pretty, and Illamasqua always have such great sale bargains x
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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