Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I got for Christmas!

Hi Guys,

I always love reading What I Got for Christmas Posts, So I thought I'd do a bit of a quick one on what I was very lucky to receive this year. Im not posting this to brag at all, I just loved everything that I got and I think they're also products that I think/hope you'd love to see too.
I got quite a mixture this year and so many lovely surprises, If I could id be using everything all at the same time haha.
 Lush Snow Fairy is probably the cult lush christmas product haha. I never actually buy it, so its lovely to have a bottle, which Is probably going to be strictly rationed! Night Before Christmas Gift Set has one of my favourites Twilight Bath Bomb, so it was a hit right from then! I also love the Father Christmas Bath Bomb and Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, its such a lovely gift which I cant wait to get stuck into!
Three of my favourite things in one picture, Costa, Minions and Harry Styles haha! My mum knows me too well, plus she loves Harry too. I love the Costa cup, its so cute! Then there is Dave, the Minion, I have quite the obsession with Minions, I was extremely excited when I opened this from my Aunt. 
I had seen Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes on Sam from Pixiwoo’s Instagram a few months ago and it suddenly became quite the hit! I kept saying that I’d read it but never got round to actually getting it, so I'm really looking forward to reading it now.
I haven’t tried Laura Mercier Glosses before, I had seen them when we were in Harrods. But my mum got me the Plumping Gloss in Rose Flush for Christmas, So I finally get to try one.
Pretty much all of my family know I'm Illamasqua obsessed, so I'm very happy to of gotten the Wonderlust lipgloss which I think would be great layered over dark colours, or just for mixing to make a shade darker. Plus the nail paint in Strike is a beautiful metallic shade too.
I have quite the soft spot for Burberry this year, I also love Cara Delevigne, so when I saw her campaign for My Burberry I was in love. I had no idea I was getting this, it also has my initials on it, which I think is so sweet and such a personal touch. Im not even sure I want to use it haha!
From my Mum I also got the Topshop Check Cape and Tall Slouchy Jumper, Since moving back to Scotland I seem to of forgotten how cold it is up here!! So I am super pleased to have nice warm things to wrap up in, especially a jumper that'll fit my giant self too!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got what you wished for, I actually had no clue what I wanted and I absolutely love everything I got. Thank you to everyone who got me something too, If you're reading this!

Eloise x


  1. Love the Costa cup!

  2. Wow, everything looks amazing! Hope you enjoy them (and write a review about the laura mercier gloss ;) xx

  3. All of it looks fab, especially love the Costa cup and the jumper, looks versatile and so good for winter!
    Feel free to check out our latest post (we did a Christmas haul too :p) x

  4. Snow fairy is the best and I love that jumper! :) xx

  5. Looks like you were treated this year! The jumper is gorgeous & the minion is so cute :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  6. Looks like you received some wonderful gifts, I also received Pretty Honest this Christmas :) xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY


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